About Us

Jade Gas Holdings Limited is a gas exploration company focused on the coal bed methane (CBM) potential of Mongolia. Jade’s flagship project is the Coal Bed Methane gas project over the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) area of Tavantolgoi XXXIII unconventional oil basin, (TT CBM Project). Jade will operate and manage the project through its subsidiary Methane Gas Resource LLC (MGR), a joint venture company (JV) partnering with Erdenes Methane LLC (EM), the representative of the Mongolian Government. The JV was formed with the intention to explore, develop and produce gas from the TT CBM Project located in the South Gobi region of Mongolia.

Jade’s joint venture partner, EM, was awarded a PSA over the TT CBM Project area in April 2020, after completion by MGR of the requirements of a Prospecting Agreement held by JV partner EM over the area. In accordance with the joint venture agreements, Jade managed, fully funded and operated the fulfillment of the PSA requirements during that period. Following approval of the Cabinet of Mongolia in October 2020, the PSA rights and obligations were fully transferred to the joint venture company MGR.

It is the strategy of Jade to seek to develop the Project so that gas produced may, in the long term, provide a reliable supply option to the oil and gas product market and to the power sector in Mongolia, both to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and also into regional areas. Achievement of this strategy would partially displace the use of imported gas and gas liquid products, reduce the use of higher carbon emission emitting fuel sources such as coal and diesel, and reduce the air pollution of Ulaanbaatar city and other towns as well as mitigating the reliance on imported electricity.

Supporting Mongolia’s energy transition is a key priority and success for Jade will result in:

  • Improving Mongolia’s energy independence
  • Supports capacity for Mongolia’s significant future energy demand growth
  • Decarbonizing the economy by improving the energy mix with cleaner fuel sources
  • Environmental, health and wellbeing benefits for the people and country of Mongolia